Unlock the Potential of Rhythm and Timing in Your Child's Development with Adyana Brashear

Welcome to our 6-week introductory course on Interactive Metronome, specifically curated for kids. With over 30 years of experience in occupational therapy, we bring you an enriching online experience to delve into the world of Interactive Metronome and explore its vast potential in aiding child development.


A Deep Dive into Interactive Metronome: A Six-Week Journey

Duration: Six weeks (Starting November 15th to December 20th, every Wednesday)

Class Size: Limited to 6-8 kids for personalized attention

Course Fee: $60 per 90-minute session

Week 1: Laying the Rhythmic Foundations

  • Introduction to the core principles of Interactive Metronome (IM).

  • Understanding the relationship between rhythm, brain function, and child development.

  • Engaging exercises to acquaint kids with basic IM tools and techniques.

Week 2: Concentration, Focus & Attention

  • Deep dive into how IM directly impacts attention span and focus in kids.

  • Activities designed to challenge and gradually increase a child's concentration levels.

  • Personalized strategies to nurture and maintain attention spans.

Week 3: Motor Skills & Physical Coordination

  • Explore the science of how rhythm plays a vital role in enhancing motor skills.

  • Engaging physical tasks utilizing IM techniques to hone coordination.

  • Hands-on practice and feedback on motor skill activities.

Week 4: Cognitive Growth & Memory Boost

  • Understand the nuances of how IM can elevate cognitive functions like memory and processing speed.

  • Challenging activities to bolster cognitive development and brain function.

  • Insights into the scientific reasoning behind IM's cognitive benefits.

Week 5: Emotional Regulation & Social Skills

  • Introduction to the emotional and social facets of child development influenced by rhythm.

  • Activities promoting emotional self-awareness, self-regulation, and interpersonal skills.

  • Strategies to integrate IM techniques into everyday scenarios for emotional growth.

Week 6: Charting the Future & Advanced Techniques

  • A look at what lies ahead in the realm of Interactive Metronome.

  • Advanced IM exercises for kids ready to take on more challenges.

  • Providing parents with resources, strategies, and a roadmap for continued growth post-course.

Real-Time Feedback

With a limited class size, each child receives individual attention and real-time feedback, ensuring their progress is consistently monitored and enhanced.

Home Integration

Parents receive tools and strategies to seamlessly integrate IM techniques into daily routines, ensuring continuous benefit even outside of class hours.

Holistic Development

Beyond just rhythm, this course is designed to provide an all-round boost to cognitive, motor, and academic skills.

Proven, Tangible Results

We pride ourselves on the transformative outcomes previous participants have witnessed. Our methods are tried, tested, and trusted by numerous families.

Why Join Our Intro to Interactive Metronome?

Dedicated Support

Adyana's monthly consultations for certain programs ensure that you're never left without guidance, ensuring continuity in progress and addressing any concerns.

Decades of Experience

Led by Adyana, a pediatric OT with over 30 years of experience, you're not just signing up for a retreat but a culmination of years of practice, research, and success.

Real Stories, Real Impact: Testimonials

“Maddie said, ‘Why does it have to end? Why does Adyana have to hang up so fast (after a 90-minute group zoom call)?’ I told her that Adyana has other kids to teach, and they also need her. Maddie responded, ‘Well of course she does because she is the best of the best teachers ever!’”

- Lirsaj Heilmann (mom to 8-year-old)

“You have been such an amazing gift to us!!! We were overwhelmed when the pediatrician suggested medicating Elijah and feared it would affect his vibrant personality. We were concerned about lasting side effects. But looking back, seeing how far he's come is astounding! I don't know what we would've done without you. The attention, compassion, peace, and joy you bring is a gift. You've made a difference in so many lives. The classes were fantastic, and you are awesome! Elijah cherished his time with you.”

-Naomi Lehew (mom to 8 y/o)

“I'm crying. I am so thankful! I can’t even believe my girl and all of her talking and dancing around. After your session, Betsy did almost a full day of homeschooling. She is so driven to work and learn. I am so grateful for you, Adyana!”

-Shelly Vandiver (parent of 6 y/o)

“You are an answer to so many prayers. Your loving work reaches beyond. It reaches into the heart of the universe. Higher and deeper. Inspired by all that is great and all that is good.”

-Lirsa Heilmann (parent of a 9-year-old)


Spaces are limited. Ensure your child benefits from this unique opportunity by enrolling today!

$60 per session